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Unicorn 24cm Pendulum Board

Unicorn 24cm Pendulum Board

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Unicorn Pendulum Board 24cm 

As well as a powerful divination tool these can be used as a focal point to draw energy onto an altar table or into a ritual space. 

The unicorn symbolism is linked to purity, freedom, gentleness, virginity, innocence, divinity, and magic.

Unicorns are symbolised for being a sign of good luck, happiness and positivity.

Pendulums also available but not included. 

DM to order, fully customisable.

All handmade to order

Please note there may be natural "imperfections" in the hand burning process, wood or crystals encorporated into the piece. My philosophy is that beauty for me is derived from natural "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature.