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Hello and welcome to 13 Brujas.
My name is Klaire. Originally I’m from Birmingham, but I’ve been living in Yorkshire now for the past few years. I’ve always loved crafts and creating things from creating elaborate outfits and hair jewellery in college to handmade dolls, millinery and more recently suncatchers, jewellery and pyrography.
Natural materials, gemstones, crystals and various metals have always played a part in my creations and particularly like a combination of media to create something unique.
Living with my partner, stepdaughter and 2 dachshunds keeps me very busy and love the time i get to spend in my little studio designing things i personally love and sharing that across social media and my website.
I specialise in crystals, suncatchers, crystal jewellery and homewares with a focus on spirituality, nature and wellbeing.
I really hope you like my creations and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for anything specific. Commissions always open!

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