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I am delighted that you have stopped by. My name is Klaire and 13 Brujas is my small handmade business. I specialise in pyrography and items that compliment spiritual practices and wellbeing.

My most popular items

  • Pendulum Boards

    Pendulums and pendulum boards are spiritual tools used in divination. They enable people to strengthen their intuition, connection to themselves and spirit.

    Utilising an answer board can help focus the mind and attune to your own subconscious or spirit depending on how you work.

  • Altar & Home DecorPlates

    An altar is a designated spiritual or sacred place used for ritual, contemplation and/or to collect treasured items.

    Altars are often adorned with candles, crystals, photographs, flowers, statues, books and trinkets.

  • Wheel of The Year

    The wheel of the year details the changing Sabbats which are linked to the changing of seasons.

    Each season includes different celebrations which are generally linked to food of that time. Using seasons in this way enabled people to thrive in a time where clocks, dates and calendars didnt exist.

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  • Incense

    Burning incense is a perfect addition to a wellbeing and meditation routine.

    Use your favourite fragrance to increase your and flow state by clearing and stimulating the mind.

  • Crystal Cleansing

    For centuries crystals have been used to clear negative energy within homes to clear negative energy.

    Crystals all have their own vibrational nature and have the ability to heal, protect and transmute energy.

  • Sage

    Scientists claiming that burning sage can clear over 90% of bacteria in the air. However for me when i burn sage i use it during cleansing rituals. I use lots of smoke and when i have finished i always feel much clearer, as if a weight has lifted and immediate feel less pressure within a room.

  • Sound Cleansing

    Sometimes smoke is not a preferred method as part of cleansing practices. However, soundwaves can also purify a space.

    Tuning forks, singing bowls and bells are all common alternative ways of cleansing a room without the use of smoke.