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"Beautiful crystal, lovely presentation, very happy would recommend"


"Had a fantastic experience from start to finish! My order came super quick I almost couldn’t believe it when the postman came, the packaging is just utterly beautiful and they even took the time to write out a personal thank you for the order note. Everything I ordered smells divine and they threw in a cheeky little freebie also which I think is a lovely touch. 10/10 would highly recommend!"


These girls are amazing!
They informed me immediately about a little delay in the delivery, before I could even realise it.
The item is exactly as pictured, with the golden cord too. Loving it!
They added a very thoughtful little piece of Amethyst in the packaging ❤️, which was well made and protective.
Thank you!


"Wow, Wow, Wow. An absolute pleasure to buy from. Beautiful items. The crystal sun catcher is beautifully made. The wax melts smell amazing, and I can't wait to burn them. Loved the personal touch with great communication, and a very fantastic delivery service Highly recommended xx"

"Wow I'm over the moon with my goodies. Cant wait to have a bath later I can smell my goodies and I haven't even opened them yet. Thank you my beauty, cant wait to try my wax melts in the morning. One very happy customer and I'll definitely be ordering more."

"What beautiful wax melts!!! My house smells beautiful. Thank you so much xx"

Perfect stand for a large crystal sphere I own. I wanted something with a more rustic feel and this really fits the bill. Very happy buyer - thanks!

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I only ordered 1 stone and got 5, among them a sunstone, that I've been wanting to add to my collection for a while but never did, so I'd say I am a very, very happy customer here.

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arrived quickly and in such thoughtful packaging. highly recommend!

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